'Super Aqua-Serum Light' Wrinkle Plumper
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Now enhanced with Aqua Complex for double the benefits in anti-wrinkle hydration. The advanced technology acts on water quality within the skin to purify cellular water and stimulate the production of collagen. Now in a lighter serum texture, the new formula re-launches hydration flows and restores youthfulness while filling the skin with pure and active water. Skin is left fresh, revitalized, radiant and plumped. Perfect for warm climates and normal to combination skin.

72% hydration and a reduction of 27% in wrinkles after only 30 hours.

  • size: 50 ml
  • Item #: 56097300
  • Manufacturer: Guerlain

'Super Aqua-Serum Light' Wrinkle Plumper

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