'Abeille Royale' Youth Serum
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Abeille Royale, the new anti-aging Youth Serum, employs the active power of bee products to repair wrinkles while lifting and firming skin. Through extensive research, Guerlain identified bee products as some of the world's most effective natural-healing substances, and created Abeille Royale's key active ingredient: the Pure Royal Concentrate. The exclusive composition of Ouessant honey and French royal jelly stimulates the key mechanisms of the healing process within the skin to help continuously repair wrinkles caused by micro-tears.

In just 16 hours, skin increases repairing efficiency on these micro-tears by 63%, boosting tissue firmness from the inside out. With continued use, benefits double in three months for a renewed complexion that is restructured from within. One depression of the dropper dispenses just the right amount to smooth over face preparing the skin for its daily moisturizer.

  • size: 30 ml
  • Item #: 56101500
  • Manufacturer: Guerlain

'Abeille Royale' Youth Serum

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